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In 2015, Tennent’s launched its first major integrated campaign for three years – Wellpark.

It was unlike anything that had come before. Rather than lead with a single TV ad, we created 35 pieces of animated content in four months, based on the principle that no matter how good your TV ad is, on the internet it is only going to get a few days of interest before fading away. We made ads designed not for a channel, but for any screen.

We made ads designed not for a channel, but for any screen.

And, we needed to make more than ONE.

The results were spectacular. 3.7 million video views. Global press coverage (with OTS in excess of 1 billion). And an estimated 2.1 million additional pints sold.




One of the very first ‘doodles’ by Pablo.



Working with, Bright Signals, we uncovered evidence that the Tennent’s audience is increasingly turned-off by traditional brand marketing. They inhabited a multi-platform world, where they chose what they watched, on demand, on whatever screen they had closest to them.

However, if they liked something they had the tools to share it. That could mean (free) reach and advocacy. And especially with this audience, advocacy is key. Whatever we did needed to recognise that and harness it.




Meats By Dre, initial line art.




Guide Dogs



However, one result, in our research findings really took us by surprise. ‘Spontaneous Advertising Awareness’ actually dropped, from 33% to 24%. A moment of concern? In fact, quite the opposite. The Wellpark campaign had managed to do what Tennent’s had dreamt of at the start. It engaged our target audience and significantly changed their connection with Tennent’s, without them realising they were being advertised to.




First options for Bobby and Paul.



Overall engagement rate was around three times the industry average for alcohol brands.
Over 17,000 articles were written about it and an OTS in excess of 1.4bn across the series.



Bobby and Paul, How they ended up looking.



Wellpark animations were viewed in excess of 3.7 million times on digital channels.
The campaign generated more than 46,000 interactions on Facebook (likes, comments, shares) and 158,000 on Twitter (retweets, replies and favourites).




Initial ideas for Nigel, The Superhero Insurance Man.



Of course, the metric that matters most, is sales. Research extrapolated the ‘Drunk in last 7 days’ metric and across all drinkers we estimate that Wellpark produced an additional 7,600 Tennent’s drinkers. If their consumption levels were sustained for a full year then the campaign would generate additional sales equivalent to 2.1 million pints.




The madness of 35 animations in 4 months.





The Something Something team, minus Pablo and Calum, that made it possible.




How many is Umpteen?




Wellpark Team

Erik RavagliaPablo ClarkScott RankinCallum RankineAndrew McKelvey


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