We like to come up with ideas
and then we like to make them.

We’re a creative agency, we’re a production company,
we’re a content company we’re a whatever-fits-the-brief company.

We are Something Something.

Furry Brick Built Men


One day, whilst we nursed horrendous food poisoning in Dubai, we were scrolling through Twitter and spotted our friend’s Frightened Rabbit being subjected to some weird abuse online. So, we decided to help them do something. We’ll let Scott, lead singer, pick up the story –


“I woke up on Wednesday morning to a tirade of abuse, and it was absolutely wonderful. I opened Twitter to find a wee troll waiting for me. Rather than hit back at the perpetrator (for this is the aim of the act, I believe), I thought it best to simply share these “truths” with the world. Some of the less enlightened comments referred to us as “fat ass” and “ugly”, but the rest of it was just magical. Brick built? Fuck yes, I’ll take that! Furry? You bet I am, ya daft trolley. I can’t even begin to process the cruise ship bit. So damn good.

Soon after re-posting the fabulously rotten tweets, we had a legion of our wonderful followers asking to join the Furry Brick Built Men Club, and I can see why. It’s bound to be more fun than the Internet Trolls’ Crying And Wanking Club.

In record time, our friends at the Edinburgh creative tornado Something Something had mocked up a t-shirt to commemorate the event. We loved it so much that we decided it had to exist, so now it does. And that’s how you turn a fucking table.

The issue of internet bullying is not something to be taken lightly. At its worst, it is a cruel and degrading activity which can cause real pain. We do not wish to make a joke out of that. But in taking these offensive comments and wearing them like a badge of honour, we can all send a wee message. Let the trolls and bullies live under their bridge. They are not welcome in the luxurious surroundings of The Furry Brick Built Men Club. Oh, and in spite of the name referring to it as a men’s club, it’s not. Ladies welcome!”




What we sent the band.



What we put on sale.

The t-shirt then went on sale and went on to raise £9000 for anti-bullying charity, Ditch The Label. and As Scott say, ‘that’ is how you TURN A FUCKING TABLE.




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