We like to come up with ideas
and then we like to make them.

We’re a creative agency, we’re a production company,
we’re a content company we’re a whatever-fits-the-brief company.

We are Something Something.

Who We Are


Ian Greenhill and Jordan Laird used to work for an advertising agency doing award-winning work. We liked it there but we also liked making music videos and short films in our spare time. We then realised that lots of clients could use an agency skilled in both creative ideas and strategy as well as production. That’s how Something Something was born.

Sometimes we make films, sometimes we make cartoons, sometimes we make apps, sometimes we make t-shirts. Whatever we make, we try to have fun and make things that are easy for people to engage with.

We’re quite picky with who we work with – not because we are primadonnas, we are actually the most positive people in the world – but because we want to make the best stuff with good people. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got, either – we’ve rejected million pound contracts in favour of no-budget music videos because the end product was going to be better.

We like to think we always make things difficult on ourselves by doing the right thing rather than the easy thing.

We hope you like our work and see what we are trying to do.